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Annual Maintenance Contract - AMC Support

Our comprehensive annual maintenance contract(AMC Support) proposal is designed to improve the lifespan of all your resources, allowing you to manage your business without tension. This contract covers service, maintenance, support, locating spares, and repairing. Having an IT annual maintenance contract enhances efficiency, reduces stress, and simplifies the entire process, allowing you to focus on your core business while your devices provide longevity and quality output.

AMC Support In India

Our Services

multi brand

Hardware support for multiple brands

Instead of searching for different service providers for various devices in Bangalore, India, get it all in one place, under one single comprehensive maintenance contract.

Maintenance activities on a regular basis

With our preventive maintenance service, we ensure that your hardware is in good working order and that it will last a long time.

Reduced ETA for Spares

Our IT AMC services are all endowed with advanced technologies to identify dependable logistics partners who will deliver your requests in the shortest possible time, as we have drastically reduced the eta.

Advantage of AMC Support Services

  • Honest, efficient and organized service approach.
  • Short turn-around time on complex problems.
  • Trained and competent technicians.
  • Preparation of Installation Reports.
  • IT Asset Records keeping covering warranty details, contracts, configurations, serial-no’s, make, date of installation, date of repair, maintenance history.
  • Record & update all changes in Asset details.
  • Documented work-flow for IT asset allotment.
  • IT Asset Inventory tracking & MIS reports.

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Siri Techno Fabs provides IT Infrastructure AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) services. We have a dedicated team of IT experts to ensure the smooth operation of all your IT resources, including computes assembling, hardware repair, hardware part replacement, expanding local network, servers, storage, regular maintenance and checkup, software installation, driver installation, single Internet connection to multiple computers, network troubleshooting, and so on. In pursuit of our goal of ensuring customer delight in with us computer AMC Contract, we use our knowledge and skills and well-experienced team, mature processes, and experience to set industry standards (AMC).