Certified E-waste Management Bangalore

Selecting the best e-waste management firm will assist you in guaranteeing the safe disposal of E-waste in accordance with PCB requirements. E waste is defined as a digital product that has become unusable and has reached the end of its useful life. Siri Techno Fabs has permitted to recycle e waste including poisonous and other dangerous materials. The STF provides a straightforward and environmentally friendly technique. We recognise the importance of recycling and, as a result, deliver valuable material derived from e waste. We are a major and authorised e waste recycler in Bangalore, Karnataka, assisting consumers in disposing of e waste goods that have reached the end of their useful life. We are India’s best e-waste management company, providing uncompromising recycling services for environmental and societal benefits.


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Certified E waste Management in India

Why Siri Techno Fabs

Our organization has standardized Certified E-waste management Bangalore for collecting and disposing of all of our E-waste across PAN India.

Our representatives explain the disposal process to customers and inform them of the nearest drop point where they can dispose of their e-waste. If a customer wishes to hand over the material at their door, we will send either our logistics team or our E-waste Solutions team to collect the items and transport them to our e-waste partner facility for ultimate processing.

How it Works: process Flow

When you schedule your e-waste pickup through our call center, we will assure a prompt pickup from your location to our accredited recycling plant, ensuring a complete end-to-end solution for your e-waste disposal. Our own vehicles and intermediaries from across the country manage reverse logistics.

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Siri Techno Fabs has 15 years of practical experience in holistic Certified E-waste management Bangalore and has developed substantial competence in comprehending different types of garbage and the best ways to treat them in accordance with applicable rules.