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We supply skilled and experienced personnel on a contract and recruiting basis to MNCs, BPOs, Banking, Insurance, Health, Hospitality, Government entities, Offices, Clubs, and Manufacturing Sectors.

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Get experienced white-collar professionals and project lifecycle support personnel

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We provide basic level to professional IT personnel for your need!

Do You Require Trained Engineers and Technical Personnel to Work on Your Projects?

Engineering Manpower Supply Services in Bangalore. Would you like to have expert professionals arrive at your door without having to go through a time-consuming interview process?

Selecting the ideal talent is a time-consuming process with far too many phases. It’s natural to feel anxious just thinking about it, and why shouldn’t it? After all, you want technical resources to handle your projects across their entire life cycle.

Get experienced blue-collar and white-collar specialists, as well as project lifecycle support personnel, to help you with design, detailed engineering, and project supervision.We have Hardware, Software, and other IT specialists on hand to meet your requests and needs.

With a well-maintained CV database and a staff of high-end IT Hardware experts, we have made a niche for ourselves in the market with our recruitment services. Every firm relies on efficient workforce to achieve success. We are committed to delivering excellent manpower services to our clients within the time frame specified.

We use a unique technique for selecting individuals, which involves proper screening on the basis of aptitude and ability. At the same time, we confirm that the individual is medically fit for the work. Before selecting applicants, we consider the specific requirements of the clients.

We have established ourselves as one of the leading Manpower Supply service providers to our esteemed clientele. We give the workforce significant competence in various programming languages, system administration, and data entry operators, which is beneficial in completing the required work professionally.
Clients can use our above-mentioned service for skilled or semi-skilled individuals based on their job requirements. Clients can also obtain this Manpower Supply on a daily or project basis, depending on their needs.

Hire Remote Professionals As Fast As Possible

As a prominent manpower outsourcing company in Bangalore, our objective is to provide you with the best staff for your business. We have the ability to provide single or group labour at any moment. The only thing one needs to do is check out our greatest package deal and grab it without a second thought. Our STF staff is ready and eager to provide you with high-quality service. When it comes to Manpower Outsourcing Services in Bangalore, call us to be glad of our considerable assistance. We provide an economical manpower hiring package that will supply you with the finest applicant.

Best Manpower Supply Company in India

Why is Siri Techno Fabs the best in the IT Industry?

We provide a range of personnel services, from manpower to turn-key project implementation and operation. The following cutting-edge advantages fuel the company’s fundamental expertise in personnel services:

  • Identification and comprehension of each industry’s needs
  • Commitment to providing manpower within a particular timeframe
  • Quick and dynamic completion of time-consuming procedures, including all statutory compliances
  • Transparency in operations and adherence to a professional code of behaviour
  • Quality, confidentiality, and client loyalty were all ensured.
  • A dynamic team of trained and experienced specialists, including senior consultants from a variety of industries.

We are well ahead of our competitors due to our significant expertise in Operations and People management. Our team of seasoned experts provides the highest productivity and services by maintaining high enthusiasm and a low employee attrition rate. Our sole focus is on achieving the needed level of KPI’s and best productivity norms, which is attainable with the devoted team that we establish by recruiting the top people in the business.


"Overall, everyone is very pleased with the quality work of manpower services from SIRI Group, and I personally am very satisfied with the level of support STF has provided in this effort! A big thanks again, for all of your efforts.
Alex J
Alex J
Network Engineer

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