Firmware and BIOS Updates

We have a well trained professional team for  embedded systems, control systems, robotics, and mobile software development. Highly proficient in C, C# and Objective-C, with a large toolbox of more specialized languages as needed.

Motion control, control system design, embedded software, PLC programming,  Linux, Mac, and Windows software development, hardware debug, IOS, RTOS, VX-Works, Embedded Linux and all other Embedded systems.

Firmware and BIOS updates

  • Solely responsible for firmware bringup of five versions of Cortex M3-based motor controller boards

  • Replaced ad-hoc USB communication protocol with a more architected, robust, and forward-compatible protocol supporting USB, Ethernet, and serial transports with support for real-time and best-effort channels

  •  Bootloaders for remote download of firmware, allowing firmware upgrades over network instead of via JTAG

  • Specified and implemented architecture for motor controller firmware, increasing modularity and supporting multiple targets from single codebase

  • Drive motor controller board hardware architecture including SoC selection, communication hardware, and inverter design

  • Design, implement, and debug high-precision motion control systems.

  • Managing all aspects of the technical relationship with key customers

  • Turn-key PLC software for machines.

  • C# .NET libraries for communication from Windows GUIs to PLC software.

IOS, RTOS, VX-Works, Embedded Linux and all other Embedded systems