Industrial Automation and IoT

Industrial Automation offers solutions with high performance and reliability including industrial control and human machine interface. Manual production or work is not capable enough to make the production with better quality and cheapest.A wide range of tools are used in Industrial Automation for minimizing the need of human operations and chance of getting human errors.This is a service oriented process and very competitive prices and by replacing labor intervention. So most of the companies  are looking to capture data at a process level and localize it through the cloud. This could serve as a true solution provider to the industry. Industrial Automation Applications included making ,coding and warehouse automation.Nowadays which is widely used in industries like Manufacturing,Process Industries, Transport and Oil & Gas .This increases productivity and safety and also which is linked to control engineering.We can design, document, build, install and service through Industrial Automation and which brings a level of experience and expertise.

Advantages of Industrial Automation are high productivity, high scalability, high quality, high information accuracy and high security and safety. That also means hi-tech facilities, meticulous high quality delivery systems. By using Industrial Automation errors can be reduced and the error rate reported only less.This also reduces direct human labor costs and expenses. This offers improved environment for employees and also low production costs.Types of Industrial Automation includes Rigid or Hard Automation, Programmable Automation and Flexible Automation.Some of the disadvantage follows like Less Versatility, More Pollution,Large Initial Investment and Increase in Unemployment.Less Versatility which means having a machine that can perform only certain task limits.Different types of machine operate using motor requires chemicals that can cause increase in pollution . By increasing the amount of automation, less employees required causing high unemployment rates also.

Increased use of IoT is playing a big role in the market at the product and process level. IoT involves a wide range of technology like cloud computing and artificial intelligence.This is an Internet of Things (IoT) solution that combines the efficiency of data transfer protocol with the unlimited data acquisition and development of the power of Industrial Application Platforms. IoT also consists of smart devices that use embedded systems to collect, send and act on data they acquire from the environments. IoT benefits to organizations include monitoring their overall business process, improving the customer experience, saving time and money. And also making better business decisions and can generate more revenue. Industries can use this technology IoT to make their process more efficient and can transform digitally. One of the advantages is this Remote Access IoT system that allows authorized process engineers to log into their factory production lines.

 Industrial Automation and IoT are going to become the next industrial revolution in approaching and bringing new economic possibilities.Industrial Automation plays an important role in the global economy and in daily experience. This uses control devices such as computer software and robotics to enable operation without the need for human operators. IoT is also a rapidly increasing technology to solve problems,enhance operations and increase productivity.In this modern era of automation and advanced computing using IoT offer promising solutions towards the Automation of Industry.