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We are an Authorized pan India distributor, stockiest and channel partner for Apple, Dell, HP, Microsoft and Havells and the best IT software and hardware dealers in Bangalore. SIRI will comprehend the customer’s requirements, upon which we will verify the product in the market and help our customer with the cooperation of OEMs. SIRI will never say “NO” to a customer who has a software requirement related to IT Infrastructure Management.

We are proud to have provided computers, laptops, servers, workstations, networking, and security products to many businesses and individuals. Our goal is to provide all its products under one roof, with onsite product delivery to your work environment.

We help organizations strengthen against IT downtime and loss of productivity by architecting, providing solutions and deploying or migrating IT infra according to the requirement. We offer all IT Infra solutions under one roof.
STF provides a variety of Products such as Servers, Workstations, Desktops, Laptops, storage, networking and power backup. Also, we provide Components such as Motherboards, Hard Disks, RAMs, Processors. We are partner with various IT product manufacturers.

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Siri TechnoFabs is a well-known and Best IT software and hardware dealers in Bangalore, an online e-commerce market that sells refurbished laptop computers. All of the products available on are subjected to various levels of quality control. Take a look, and we even provide excellent guaranteed products. as a brand is a large platform that allows customers to explore various categories prior to making their final purchase. Customers do not have to be concerned about the first-rate take a look at and may obtain without difficulty because we provide exceptional assured products.

The Purpose of Selling Refurbished Laptops

STF is typically involved in the purchaser’s needs and the value of shopping for new Laptops at a lower cost while not sacrificing quality. So we’ve created this stage wherever we tend to sell refurbished laptops and clients will simply get their alternative of laptops at a lot lower cost and don’t have to be concerned concerning the standard as we tend to as a complete notable a way to look out for customer satisfaction.