Roof Top Solar Electrification for Home and Office

Installation of off grid solar power plant to generate electricity for onsite consumption.


Installed 1KW solar Plant @ Chitradurga ,Karnatakla

Roof Top Solar Electrification for Home and Office, We shall conduct a detailed site visit with specialists to take accurate measurements, photographs and other site specific information for full design Prepare full system design to include civil, structural, electrical and mechanical components with construction drawings and specifications Procure equipment and materials deliver to site perform complete system installation Test all electrical components in accordance with manufacture instructions Commission the system to full operation.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Minimum 15 square meter shade free area for installing 1 kWp Solar panel array.
  • Suitable space for accommodating battery and inverter is required near to the module structure. (i.e. about 2 m2 covered, ventilated area with restricted access)
    The system will be in the off-grid mode with some battery backup. 
  • The electricity generated (approximately 4 units per 1 kWp system per day) is to be used for internal consumption (that is, not for export to grid).
  • The expected life span of the system (except battery) is around 25 years with proper maintenance.

Project Details

The proposed Roof Top solar Photovoltaic Power Plant would utilize vacant area of about 100 Sq.feet available on the terrace of the building. The proposed SPV power plant is estimated to afford annual feed of 1.7MWh , considering efficiency of the solar modules as 16 % , Power conditioning Unit (PCU) as 94 % and losses as 3 %
in the DC and AC system. The Plant would operate at an annual capacity utilization factor of 19 %. Solar Photovoltaic system consists of solar PV modules in series and parallel connections, these convert solar radiations into DC electrical power at the predetermined range of voltages whenever sufficient solar radiation is available. The amount of power they produce is roughly proportional to the intensity and the angle of the light reaching them. They are therefore positioned to take maximum advantage of available sunlight within siting constraints.
Off Grid Roof top solar system generally comprises the following main equipments

Solar PV System, Power Conditioning Unit, Battery

Solar PV system

We supply only German made completely black module with 60 monocrystalline 6-inch cells made by Bosch. Besides its sophisticated look, it offers due to the structured Albarino P front glass an increase in yield of at least 3% per year.
Product warranty: 5 to 10 years (subject to warranty terms)
Performance warranty: 90% within 10 years
Performance warranty: 80% within 25 years

Efficiency: up to 15.8 %
Cells: 60 monocrystalline solar cells with 3 busbars made by Bosch
Performance classes: 240 to 260 Wp
Front glass type: 4 mm Albarino P(Saint – Gobain Solar)
Dimensions: 1660 x 990 x 50 mm
Black frame: 50 mm


We Supply solar flooded tubular monobloc batteries designed to offer reliable, consistent and low maintenance power for renewable energy requirements. These batteries can be subject to deep cycle applications and minimum maintenance in rural and power deficit areas. The batteries have a capacity to withstand partial state of charge (PSOC) operation. These monobloc batteries are available in 12 Volts from 20Ah to 200 Ah @ C10 at 27?C to 2.0 vpc. Warranty 3.5 Years.

Power Conditioning Unit [PCU] with MPPT Charge controller

It is a high efficiency world class Solar Power conditioning Unit with Multy Point Power Tracking [MPPT]  for maximum solar efficiency. it is highly optimized for inductive load like AC Motor (1HP Max), Mixer/grinder, Ceiling Fans, Washing Machines etc. Available range is 1KVA ~ 5KVA.


  • Power back up for your home
  • Domestic computer and its peripherals
  • Emergency power systems
  • Photography
  • Small water pumps and all motor based small applications
  • Television, Fans & Tube-lights
  • Professional application where waveform is critical
  • DSP based control guarantees high reliability
  • Pure Sine wave output
  • Compact and light weight
  • Simple and  easy installation
  • High efficiency & longer backup time
  • Intelligent charging ensuring more battery life
  • Normal & Computer mode operation of the UPS
  • Noiseless operation of fans, lamps and appliances
  • 10% more solar energy is harvested by using MPPT solar charger
  • Auto priority logic to charge from both mains & solar simultaneously
  • No load sleep: If the load is less than 10W, the inverter will go to automatic sleep and save power
  • Auto wakeup : inverter will switch on automatically when the battery is charged by solar to predetermined level
  • Phase reversal protection
  • Overload protection & auto recovery
  • Short circuit protection
  • LCD for status monitoring
  • Lightning, Battery over voltage, Battery under voltage. Battery wire removal. Output short circuit, Overload. Phase reversal.


  • Humidity : 0 – 90% RH
  • Operating temperature : 0 – 45° C

System cost :

  • Approximate cost of the system is about Rs.1.4 lakh. Exact cost figures will be intimated in the Quotation.


Solar PV: The solar modules are warranted by the solar panel manufacture for a period of 25 years.

Battery : 3.5 Years

Power Conditioning Unit [PCU] : 2 years

Balance of the system: 1 Year


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