Network Security Service Provider

Network Security Service Provider

We specialize in network security threat management

The best Network Security Service Provider in  Bangalore, India including event analysis, threat identification and remediation, and log management by collecting, aggregating and normalizing log data from operating systems, network devices and applications. Our security services are designed to help you before, during and following an attack by providing security assessments, complete design and build firewall solution implementations, and network security monitoring and management. 

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing. We provide in-depth analysis and documentation on network security gaps, vulnerability identification and exploitation and web application attacks.

Network Firewall Implementation & Configuration Service



We combine deep network security experience and technical expertise to assess, architect, deploy and optimize client infrastructures in Bangalore, India that lead us to the best Network Security Service Provider.

We have strong exposure & experience to provide advanced firewall solutions based upon your requirements.

SIRI Techno Fabs is intended to provide a comprehensive hardware and software solution to small, medium, and large-sized businesses. The SIRI professional IT team assists in firewall implementation and configuration by evaluating potential threats that organisations may face over time all over India and the International level. This allows you to shift your focus away from security and toward the core activities of the business, which will be profitable in the future.

Why Choose Us: Network Firewall and IPS Analysis


We analyse, validate and document firewall configurations

filters, inspections, permissions, translations, DMZ configurations, AAA configurations, and IPsec and SSL VPN connections. Recommendations are made on how to cost-effectively update and optimize the firewall architecture and deliver the appropriate solution.

Once our service is incorporated into your system, the risk of security breaches is reduced. It decreases security administration overhead while evaluating genuine system security flaws. This then serves as proactive early-warning intelligence to protect the business operations. The system also employs a log storage mechanism, which aids in the evaluation of the system at any given time.