IT Service and Support

Since 2005, Siri Technofabs has been providing parts, repair, and service for a variety of gadgets and IT products. By increasing the life cycle of an electronic gadget, consumption (and subsequently waste), is reduced by delaying an individual’s refresh rate of technology. Let’s say for example that you have a 1st generation phone that breaks and you have it repaired rather than buying a 2nd generation phone. Therefore, you postpone your purchase of a new phone to a 3rd generation. Eventually, rather than having three generations of phones entering a landfill, only a 1st generation and a 3rd generation phone have the possibility to enter a landfill as a result of your decision to repair. This effectively reduces your e-waste by 33.33%. We provides the best IT service and support in Bangalore

Repair Support

All Industrial, Medical and IT Equipment Level 2 and Level 3 Chip Level service

Spare Parts

Servers, Notebooks, Projectors,DAT/DLTs, Storage Librarys, Routers&Switches, Industrial and Medical Equipments

Installation/Configuration Support

Windows, Linux, MAC OSX, IOS, Android

Data Recovery

Data recovery from Windows/Linux/MAC. HDD, Optical Discs, Tapes

Firmware and BIOS updates

IOS, RTOS, VX-Works, Embedded Linux and all other Embedded systems

Refurbish and Recycle

Offers the best refurbishing / re manufacturing facility to ensure Equal to New(ETN) product concept