Refurbish and Recycle


Since 2005, Siri Tech has been providing parts, repair, and service for a variety of gadgets and IT products. By increasing the life cycle of an electronic gadget, consumption (and subsequently waste), is reduced by delaying an individual’s refresh rate of technology.

We Offers the best refurbishing / re manufacturing facility to ensure Equal to New(ETN) product concept.

Refurbished products are visually and diagnostically inspected to ensure these items function. Refurbished systems may have some observable cosmetic imperfections, but they will not affect the performance.

Each Product sold has to go through a rigorous refurbishment process. Should you happen to change your mind, Siri Tech Refurbished has an incredibly easy 30 day return policy. Now is the time to find the best deals on our entire line of refurbished Products.

Refurbished Products

  • Laptops and Notebooks

  • Tablet PCs and Smart Phones

  • Desktops and Workstations

  • Servers

  • Printers

  • LED & LCD Monitors

  • Routers, Switches and various networking products

  • DAT, DLT, Storage arrays and various Data Backup products

  • UPS, Invertes and other power backup products

  • Recycle
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