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Siri TechnoFabs is located in Bangalore, Karnataka, India, providing a well-developed and convenient transportation. We are specialized in R&D, Supplying, Installation and Maintenance of Solar electrification and Solar pumping solutions for Home, Apartments, Hospitals, Collages, and Agriculture fields.
Our products are Installed in the south Indian states Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andra Pradesh with TUV, IEC 61215& 61730, ISO and CE
international standard. Also we have flexible and timely after-sales services. We offer high quality products and sustainable service to our customer, establishing long-term cooperative relationship with them.
Through the continuous technological innovation and expanding of the product range, our company is continuing to lower costs of solar panels to make the unexhaustible and green solar energy to step in thousands of households,and create a better tomorrow for human  development.
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