Spare Parts

Since 2005, Siri Technofabs has been providing spare  parts for a variety of gadgets to Service centers and individuals in India. 

Siri Technofabs specialize in retailing of Laptop&Desktop, Servers&Workstations spare parts, electronic components, electronic repairing and measuring tools. Our goal is to provide good quality products at very affordable prices and reach you on time. Our main aim is to get your trust, by supplying your orders promptly. We source for good quality parts, test and catalog them for sale.


We supply

  • Mother boards and Daughter cards (Servers,Laptops)

  • Complete spare parts range of Routers and Switches

  • Consumables (Toners, Cartridges) for Printers / Copier machines.

  • Printer accessories such as maintenance kits, fuser kits, duplexer units, fax cards, image drums,Internal Boards etc.

  • Data backup tapes of LTO 1,2,3,4,5 etc. – SDLTs,  DLTs, DDS, ete

  • Projector parts for well-known brands.

  • Memory and Hard Disk Drive Upgrades of PCs / laptops/ Servers.

  • Audio / video solutions for conference Rooms.

  • Smart/Automated Conference Room Solutions.

  • Spare parts for Industrial and Medical Equipment

Router personal-computer-motherboard

For Spare Parts