Best Backup Solutions for Servers

In order to adapt to the evolving market dynamics, business apps, databases and emails need them in so many different ways. Therefore, in the digital universe that is evolving around us, storage integration is even more important.

This involves a very centred approach to storage as a resource in your IT infrastructure. As you need the Best Backup Solutions for Servers, quicker access to information depends exclusively on how the storage has been implemented. Data security, backup, recovery and archiving also play crucial roles in supplying the servers in your environment with uninterrupted information. This ensures optimum utilisation of capital for the delivery of your company.

We provide the best and fully integrated solutions, our integration strategies are strengthened by technology experts from application, database, operating system, server hardware and industry vertical subject matter experts.

We are the leading storage vendor for all major storage architectures such as DAS (Direct Attached Storage), NAS (Network Attached Storage), and SAN (Storage Area Networks),

Best backup Solutions in Bangalore

Buy Network Attached Storage (NAS) Online at Low Prices in India

We provide the best NAS devices to ensure that your irreplaceable files and folders are securely stored and easily accessible whenever you need them, no matter where you are on the globe.

Consider the amount of storage space you require now and in the future, as well as your backup and redundancy requirements, when selecting the best NAS device for you.
The best NAS devices are ideal storage solutions if you want to have access to your files whenever and wherever you need them while keeping them secure. For the best selection, contact SIRI Techno Fabs in Bangalore, India.

Top backup Solutions for Servers

Best Storage Area Network (SAN) Vendor in Bangalore

Our Storage Area Network (SAN) is a high-speed network that connects multiple servers to shared, block-level storage pools.
Who makes use of our SAN storage?
Storage Area Networks (SANs) are used by businesses of all sizes to increase storage utilisation rates (i.e. multiple hosts able to access storage devices), improve application availability and performance, and enhance security and data integrated structure. SANs facilitate storage demonstration to users by presenting storage devices to hosts in such a way that they appear to be locally attached storage.

SIRI Techno Fabs‘ SANs provide highly reliable, highly scalable block-level storage solutions that can be accessed by a large number of hosts. Increased storage utilisation rates frequently reduce storage cost of ownership, while multiple security and reliability features ensure mission-critical data is always safe and available. SANs are the storage solution of choice for today’s data-driven organisations due to their enterprise-class features.

Technology integration on information technology infrastructure

  •         SAN – Storage Area Networks
  •         NAS – Network Attached Storage
  •         BC – Business Continuity
  •         DR – Disaster Recovery
  •         UC – Utility Computing
  •         PA – Performance Analysis
  •         CP – Capacity Planning
  •         CTE – Compliance and Technology Education

Top backup Solutions for Servers

Best DLT Digital Data Tape Vendor in Bangalore

SIRI DLT is the most technologically advanced media in its class. The DLT magnetic recording layer is thinner and its magnetic particle size is smaller than in previous generations, resulting in improved tape drive performance, increased media capacity, and increased reliability. The SIRI DLT media sets a new benchmark in performance and media management and is ideal for the most demanding and data-intensive automation, enterprise, and stand-alone DLT tape environments. In the midrange, we offer the highest capacity and lowest cost per GB, as well as 40 percent smaller magnetic particle size.

We provides specific enterprise storage solutions for optimum and high end performance in

  •         Industry
  •         Verticals
  •         Telecom
  •         Banking, Finance, Credit Card, Insurance
  •         Retail, e–Business
  •         Health care, Health Sciences
  •         Media Industry – Motion, Satellite Channels, Music
  •         Research organizations
  •         Information Technology, ITS, ITES, BPO Hospitality, Travel