UPS for Industries


In India, power distribution and availability of uninterrupted power supply is still an issue. UPS has the advantage of immediate protection against interruption of input power. In Industries UPS can be used as a protective device for some hardware, which can cause serious damage or loss with a sudden power disruption.

  • Our Industrial UPS ranges starts from Range 5 – 100KVA
  • These are high efficient, 96 – 97.10%
  • Phase:- Single/ Three Phase
  • Brand:- MRO-Tek, Siemens, Socomec.

Industrial design – Designed to handle high inrush current and the transformer is designed to handle the load harmonic current which heats up the inverter transformer.

Industrial ruggedised UPS solutions are designed to protect critical applications in severe operating environments.To guarantee this protection, these UPS are designed for a higher IP rating – the working temperature range is extended and the electromagnetic immunity is doubled.

Our UPS system, provides complete galvanic isolation and adapts to several neutral arrangement systems.


  • CNC
  • CT & MRI scanners
  • Offset & digital printers
  • Process automation
  • Vertical milling machines
  • Multiplex and cinema halls
  • Pharma processing
  • Research labs
  • Research labs
  • Laser cutting machines

Automated manufacturing