Wired Networking Solution Providers in Bangalore

Wired Networking Solution Providers in Bangalore

We connect your company so that you can connect with your clients.

Properly Wired Infrastructure

we are the best Wired Networking Solution provider in India. If your computing infrastructure is an important component of your business, you can need a detailed plan on how to make your IT work best for you. Our technicians will be able to present solutions to keep your computing resources structured and your expenses minimal. By saving you time and cash, Siri Techno Fabs wire and cable management services will boost your bottom-line profitability.

Here are three fundamental systems that our professional engineers utilise when establishing wired networks. A twisted copper-pair or coaxial-based transport system is used in an Ethernet system. A category 5 unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cable is the most commonly used Ethernet cable — it’s useful for businesses that want to connect multiple devices together, such as computers and printers, but it’s complex and costly, making it less practical for home use. A phone line, on the other hand, uses existing phone wiring in most homes to provide fast services such as DSL. Finally, cable Internet is provided by broadband systems, which use the same type of coaxial cable as cable television.

Wired Networking Solution Providers in Bangalore

Benefits of using our wired networks


Our quality wired networks are connected by physically plugging a cable from one device to another, unauthorised access is much more difficult. There is no way for someone passing by your office windows, for example, to hack into your wireless network. There is no need to distribute wireless access keys because any device that is physically connected to the network is a part of it. A wired network is the best option if you want to keep your network as closed and secure as possible.


Our best wired networks provide a consistent, reliable download and upload speed that is unaffected by the environment. The most recent 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard can theoretically achieve speeds of 1,000MB/s; older hardware is incapable of meeting this standard; 802.11n is limited to 600MB/s. Gigabit Ethernet provides a consistent, stable 1,000MB/s connection.

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