Wireless Networking Solutions Provider in Bangalore

Our wireless networking solutions improve workforce productivity and elevate the customer experience through a simple, agile and secure network in India.

We can help plan, build and manage a secure wireless network that takes advantage of 802.11ac with full bandwidth, security and cloud capabilities.

Whether you already have a wireless network in place or are planning to build a new wireless solution, we can help you with assessment & get a clear understanding of your business and technical requirements, we ensure that your architecture, physical sites, operations and user profiles are ready to support advanced mobility solutions through a converged network.

This results in a secure, highly reliable, high-performance wifi network that is optimized to deliver the best end-user experience – anytime, anyplace, on any device.

Wireless Networking Solutions

Wireless Architecture & Design Services

We bring strong exposure & experience in the delivery of advanced wireless solutions, from assessments to solution implementations and ongoing support.


We provide comprehensive design, build and management capabilities that deliver fast, reliable and secure network connectivity across wireless architectures in Bangalore, India. We guide successful integrations of wireless technology for delivery on converged wired and wireless platforms using our Infrastructure Methodology.

Workplace Size

Your office could be a series of small rooms, an entire building, or a city block, depending on the scale of your company. You obviously want WiFi coverage around the entire perimeter of your office.

However, as one router might not be enough to handle all areas of your office, it can be complicated to introduce a solution to this problem. Another factor is that if they’re within sight of each other, routers often clash with each other, making it suitable for a professional to conduct the setup process. 

Siri Tech understands the ins and outs about how to set up wireless connectivity in the entire office about your company, including how to prevent inconsistencies in both wiring and router requirements. Our trusted technicians know that they can easily decide what kind of wireless routing solution will be best for you, and they will work to ensure that you get a wireless network that meets the specific requirements of your organisation.

Number of users

A router only replicates the bandwidth of a certain number. This controls the pace of your service naturally. They use more of the usable bandwidth as more users are connected to a single router. The increased traffic will impact the efficiency of your organisation, and potentially even fully disrupt your connection.

This is why it is important that you understand the limitations your routers have, and that at any given time you need to consider how many users each can access. Siri will help the organisation optimise the deployment of routers so that the customers have continuous access to your WiFi at all times, increasing both reliability and productivity.

Wired connections still have their place in the modern workplace, but today’s organisations need to be equipped with the safe versatility that can be given by SiriTech ‘s integrated wireless solution. Call us today and inquire about our wireless solutions to extend your communication and integrate enhanced efficiency into your workplace.

Levels of Security

Many threats are capable of infiltrating unsecured WiFi networks, such as viruses and malware, and spreading their infections like wildfire. This can endanger any and all devices that connect to your WiFi, not to mention the data infrastructure of your organisation.

Siri deploys a wireless solution, ensuring that industry best practises are taken into account to build the WiFi protection you need to secure your network. To keep your business’s network secure from attacks, you don’t want to rely on the default hardware-level firewall protection. Our expert technicians know how best to keep your wireless networks safe, and we can also inform your employees about best practises.

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